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Everybody wants to improve their car’s fuel efficiency.
Improving your car’s fuel efficiency is the realistic way to reduce greenhouse gases.

What? Can we save money and protect the earth?

Are you and your friends drive cars?

Than there is the answer below.

Earth's temperature has increased by an average of 0.14'F (0.08'C) every decade since 1880.
But as we can see it is still hard to find practical ways to reduce greenhouse gases,
which are the main cause of global warming.

There are only two ways to reduce car emissions:
reduce the number of internal combustion engine vehicles or improve fuel efficiency.

Our team finally has developed a product that can protect the Earth. 
We can stop global warming.

In the following videos, we show the real reactions to the O2 BAND.

O2 BAND PRO increased the 5~10% ratio of its main components such as germanium, elvan,

and zeolite compared to the previous O2 BAND.

The usage time increased twice and the main functions improved by over 13%.

We believe this is a new challenge for us and the simplest way

that all people around the world can contribute to protecting the earth.

We are prepared to ship to any country in need of the O2 BAND's value.

We hope that Indiegogo backers can empower our journey.

The main technology of O2 BAND PRO is to enhance the density of oxygen entering to engine.

O2 BAND PRO is made up of a mixture of components

that emit infrared radiation in response to the engine’s thermal energy.

The heat energy generated by the engine causes changes in the car.

It reacts with O2 BAND and creates a infrared radiation

The infrared radiation vibrates the oxygen's movements

and increases the efficiency of the engine's energy levels.

Oxygen with high density is used during the engine's explosion stroke.
Helps to increase combustion efficiency,
reduces harmful emissions such as CO2/CO/NOX and Creates eco-friendly effects.
(increase fuel efficiency, reduce carbon dioxide, etc.).

The high concentration of the air increases fuel efficiency and decreases the emission.
This results in an improvement in cost per mile.
Reduced oxygen particle force leads to diminished noise and vibrations, noticeable by drivers.
Even with the same force on the accelerator, the ride becomes significantly smoother.

According to our in-house research lab’s criteria, we could obtain meaningful results.
We are also actively conducting tests with certified institutions.
Once the results are available, we will disclose them to prove that our product is reliable.

By supporting one O2 BAND PRO on Indiegogo,
you'll also be contributing to distribution the O2 BAND to developing countries.

Rather than scrapping old vehicles in developed nations,
they are exported to developing countries,
leading to even higher exhaust gas emissions due to the lack
of proper emission regulations.

In the hope of having more people join environmental protection,

we've been freely distributing O2 BAND since 2020.

We offered two O2 BANDs per applicant. Furthermore,

we also provided them for free to owners of vehicles older than five years.

Many people have joined our environmental protection efforts,

and our goal is to extend this to 1.5 billion drivers around the world.

If this trend continues until 2030, it will bring an amazing consequence

a 10% reduction in the world's emissions.

We don't have to create something enormous to protect the earth.

You've already joined the journey by attaching the O2 BAND to your car.

We hope not only our Indiegogo backers, but also all people worldwide will participate.

You can experience maximum efficiency for lasting 4 years.

- for car type

While researching the analysis of natural materials in our lab,

we found specific materials and a set environment could alter the concentration of air.

Especially, it confirmed the meaningful value change

in a car’s engine combustion system during the air intake process.

We assure you that this technology will be the only solution to decrease car exhaust gases,

which constitute 20% of greenhouse gases, the main factor in global warming.

This is why we have developed the O2 BAND.

The development of electric cars, hydrogen cars, strengthening car restrictions,

and numerous methods aimed at mitigating the negative effects of cars on the world are insufficient,

given the rapid acceleration of the climate crisis reality.

Based on free distribution, we aimed to attach the O2 BAND to as many cars as possible.

To make this happen, we've chosen Indiegogo, where all impactful people in the world gather.

Please support our plan and efforts to address the climate crisis.

1Plus1 Challenge has been engaging in eco-friendly business practices,
striving to ensure harmony between business operations
and the well-being of the Earth and its inhabitants.

After establishing the 'Eco Fresh' brand in 2005,
we have introduced a deodorant, a zeolite-based humidifier,
and constructed our own factories to bring eco-friendly products to the market,
thereby sustaining our commitment to a business-for-earth approach.
In 2011, we built a company-side lab and kept various R&D, acquired 20 patents.
We participated in various abroad expos in technology field.

  • 2017_ Las Vegas CES
  • 2015_ Korea-China ICT cooperation_ K Global China
  • 2014_ India international Expo 
  • 2014_ Vietnam Market Pioneer Group
  • 2013_Hong Kong electromagnetic warfare
  • 2013_ Tokyo Showcase
  • 2013_ Hannover, Germany
  • 2012_Hong Kong electromagnetic warfare
  • 2012_ at&d roadshow

We developed O2 BAND PRO with the aim of sustaining interest in environmental protection

for the Earth and making it accessible for anyone to participate.

Starting with O2 BAND PRO, we will continue to develop increasingly innovative

and practical products for the environment



If the reward is not delivered to the backer and is lost, we’ll ship the new product or refund it.


Risks and challenges

If there are any changes in the project, we will let everyone know via the updates section.

In regards to import fees, these would be handled by our backers.

Please be aware of this before backing.

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